The increasing demand for power and the unreliability of power supply remains a major constraint to future economic and social growth of Ghana. Ghana’s reliance on a few primary sources of power generation makes it vulnerable to power shortages.

Investment in power generation facilities is needed to meet the immediate shortfalls and increasing demand to ensure continued long-term economic growth. As part of its short-term strategy, the Government of Ghana has requested the development of this emergency power solution to deploy electrical energy as quickly as possible to address the immediate demand for reliable power.

Meeting increasing energy demands, both locally and within Ghana as a whole, is needed to support continued growth, associated employment opportunities, social improvement, and necessary infrastructure developments.

The sponsors of the Bridge Power Project want to build and operate an efficient power plant that provides reliable electricity in an environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner.


The primary objective of the Project is to deploy electrical energy as quickly as possible to support the Government of Ghana’s short-term strategy for power generation. The project is also needed to meet more long-term objectives to help meet the increasing energy demand in Ghana to ensure its continued social and economic development.

As such, successful achievement of Bridge Power’s objectives intend to:

  • Provide continuous, reliable, high efficiency and low cost gas-based electric power;
  • Provide emergency power to the Tema Industrial zone;
  • Provide emergency power to the Ghanaian economy; and,
  • Contribute to the long-term national and regional energy requirements to support sustainable development.