Bridge Power will be a vital part of the solution to Ghana’s energy needs.
  • Bridge Power will supply timely, reliable, low-cost, clean power for Ghana’s industries, public facilities and homes.
  • Based on requisite Government of Ghana approvals by mid-2016 Bridge Power is primed to begin providing tangible relief for Ghana’s power crisis:
  • Bridge Power’s Stage 1a can provide an additional 147 MW of power by the second quarter 2018.
  • Bridge Power will be developed with an integrated fuel solution to provide reliable power to consumers, free from the current challenges associated with fuel delivery for power generators in Ghana.
  • Bridge Power will deploy its initial power rapidly and provides a cost-effective tariff for the long-term.
Bridge Power will actively contribute to the growth of industry in Ghana and to developing technical and management skills for its power sector.
  • According to IHS, the leading provider of global market and industry research & analysis, the growth to Ghana’s industries powered through Bridge Power could result in significant job creation, increased government revenue, significant injection into the economy of new annual wages, and growth in the production of goods and services.
  • Ghanaian companies will be contracted to supply goods and services to Bridge Power.
  • Bridge Power will enable the growth of industrial sectors by supplying low cost, clean and reliable energy – this adds value in Ghana to primary commodities and diversifies the economy beyond primary commodities.
  • Bridge Power will provide opportunities for Ghanaians to be trained in technical and management skills for the future of Ghana’s power industry.
The Sponsors of Bridge Power have trusted track-record through consortium comprising a strong Ghanaian energy company and two well-capitalized, reputable and experienced international firms.
Ownership Structure
  • The Consortium is made up of Sage Petroleum Limited of Ghana, US-based Endeavor Energy and General Electric (GE).
  • The management team has combined global experience of over 100 years and a proven track record in project development and operations.
  • The consortium will spend approximately US$ 948.5 million to complete the entire project.
Early Power and its affiliate One Energy Limited together are committed to being responsible, respected corporate citizens and partners in the development of local communities.
The companies are committed to making positive transformative impacts on the lives of citizens in the country and people in their host communities. To ensure that the companies do so in a well-thought through, strategic and sustainable manner, it has engaged the services of Kina Advisory Limited.
The Bridge project fuel supply infrastructure will be delivered independent of the existing structures and will allow the power plant to function when gas and fuel oil are not available and won’t stretch the existing fuel delivery capacity requirements.
One major advantage of the Bridge Power Project is the move away from the existing fuel delivery infrastructure that Ghana has in place at present. Many power plants are reliant upon the delivery of natural gas and fuel oil to deliver power to the country. Due to unforeseen circumstances and attacks on pipelines and plants outside of Ghana this has caused many outages to occur. The project will build a new 12” Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) pipeline from the TEMA Jetty to feed into Tema Oil Refinery and onto a new purpose built storage system, supplying LPG 365 days of the year to the latest technology turbines for high efficiency use and power delivery.