We Care

Early Power Limited, in conjunction with a local advisory firm, is developing a social investment strategy and programme that will:

  • Align with the social impact management plan for the Bridge Power Project and contribute to managing identified social impacts;
  • Provide tangible sustainable benefits to host communities; and
  • Contribute to broader socioeconomic development in Ghana.

The Bridge Power Project social investment strategy is based on social and socioeconomic issues identified via:

  • an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report commissioned by Early Power;
  • targeted stakeholder engagement and consultation;
  • Ghana’s medium-term socioeconomic strategy; and
  • the local social context and economy.

As such, the main focus areas of our social investment programme include:

  • Initiatives to encourage young people to stay in full-time and suitable education.
  • Skills development initiatives targeted primarily at women involved in the fishing industry and the youth to promote employment on the Bridge Power project and beyond.
  • Health education targeted at the youth and focused on sex and reproductive health education.
  • Community sanitation and clean-up campaigns.